Bonnie Curtis Projects

Subverting The Body Beautiful.

*22 February's show will be a relaxed performance*

LIMITS shares the story of a Grotesque Creature navigating the world through a stereotypically "hot-body".
 As The Creature tries to live up to the world's expectations, she is sabotaged by insecurity, self-hate and her own limitations.

Choreographed and performed by Bonnie Curtis, LIMITS wrenches audiences into the world of a Grotesque Creature struggling against her inner limitations and societal expectations. Audiences are asked to confront how visible disability challenges ideas of beauty as it plays out on stage. Sabotaged by her internal limitations, audiences experience the manifestation of her insecurity and self-hate.

Described as “outrageous, comedic and thought-provoking” by Sydney Arts Guide, Bonnie draws on her own experiences with invisible disability and functional impairment to create the powerful performance that shows how quickly we judge the exterior.

“There’s this idea that dancers can’t have a disability because they can’t dance, and to be a woman with a disability is to be some kind of hideous creature. Unfeminine. Unwomanly. That’s the idea behind making the work (Limits). To express the other side that people don’t see at first glance.”

LIMITS is a hard-hitting dark comedy that challenges perceptions of beauty, perfection and disability.

"4/5 smashed Barbies…ideas are expressed with the maturity and grace of a committed artist"
- Kate Gaul, Theatre Now

“Engaging, funny, dangerous.”
– Audience Member

“Hard-hitting… deliciously disorientating, and slightly overwhelming… I left the opening night performance of hard-hitting Limits feeling lighter. I wonder whether, for all Curtis’ cold, forthright truth-telling, it did unleash a burden I also feel as a female body moving"

Content forecast: 13+, Misogyny

Comedy Dance 13+


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