Night and Mortar

Sharvon Mortimer & Oli Mathiesen

Smoke rising from a cigarette. A silhouette emerges, the shadow grows. In our black and white world a car door slams. Shoes clatter, it reverberates. Bodies circle, encapsulate moments of a past time. A distant memory, its shadowy figure looming against the wall. A noir world comes to light.

Sharvon Mortimer & Oli Mathiesen present their new short contemporary dance work ‘Night & Mortar’. Overall Winners of Short+Sweet 2019 the duo's new innovative theatrical piece explores the shadows of film noir through comedy, drama and tragedy. Come for a casual stroll, a quick pause for a cigarette. Stop and have a watch as the noir unfolds between these two characters. This physical, entertaining work is great for a nighttime walk, stand in the shadows with us and immerse yourself in the world of noir.

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