Ram of God, the film

Theodora van der Beek

Welcome to the church of Ram, where sheep are people, people are sheeple and the apocalypse is just getting started. Bow down, confess your darkest sins and suckle on the holy teat. Only Ram of God can save you now...

'Wickedly funny... its view of the world is wholly singular and utterly deserving of attention' ★★★★★ (A Younger Theatre)

'Brilliant comic with the punk spirit of the Sex Pistols" ★★★★ (Scotsman)

Developed with Soho Theatre and supported by Arts Council England, Ram of God is a playful takedown of masculinity and its shadowy cheerleaders. With influences from seventies horror, music videos, cult documentaries and cereal adverts, it joyfully tackles the new possibilities and limitations of reimagining theatre as film.

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Film Theatre Comedy Digi-Bits Drop In 18+


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