ReFringe: The Veiled Isle


Journey with us through a shrouded landscape knowable only through the shadows it casts.

On The Veiled Isle, the ocean is made of sand, the future is ancient, and your guides speak only in music....

The Veiled Isle is a live visual album from mystical Pōneke art-pop band, Birdfeeder. Working with performers Zoe Higgins and Pája Neuhöferová, Birdfeeder's music is animated through dazzling multi-layered shadow puppetry, light and object play.

Don't miss this bewitching, spectacular and surreal performance! Catch the trailer here!

Birdfeeder's EP The Vile Isle, conceived as a companion piece to the live show, was released on January 28. Listen on your digital platform of choice here!

 Birdfeeder was formed in 2019 by long time friends and musical collaborators Stephanie Cairns (keys/vocals, lead songwriting), Josh Harris (drums) and Marley Mokomoko-Young (bass). Their music is characterised by unearthly melodies and vintage timbres, with lyrics spanning the personal, political and cosmic. They are gathering a reputation for catchy songwriting and a quirky visual aesthetic with their live shows and two self-produced music videos for Banana Boxes (2020) and The Long Haul (2021). The Veiled Isle was originally created in 2021 for Lōemis Festival.


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Te Auaha - Tapere Nui
Level 1, 65 Dixon Street
Te Aro

Show Schedule

  1. Duration 60 minutes

    Price General Admission $25.00 Concession $20.00 Ticket + $5 $30.00 Ticket + $10 $35.00

    Te Auaha - Tapere Nui, Level 1, 65 Dixon Street, Te Aro

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    Wheelchair access available

  2. Duration 60 minutes

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    Te Auaha - Tapere Nui, Level 1, 65 Dixon Street, Te Aro

    Wheelchair access available

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