Te Tiriti o Waitangi 101: an arts community workshop

Treaty Action Collective Pōneke


Psst! Hey! Feel like you don't know enough about Te Tiriti o Waitangi? Come and join our friendly, engaging community workshop and learn what your school didn't teach you. Shared learning, shared conversations, and we give you delicious lunch. As an offering for the Fringe community, this workshop particularly invites Pākehā and Tauiwi working in the arts sector to come along - but also, we very much welcome everyone!

Facilitated by Treaty Action Collective Pōneke, this interactive workshop will explore the history and context of Te Tiriti o Waitangi and its place in Aotearoa. Explore what Te Tiriti says, why it was signed, and how we can work towards honouring Te Tiriti through action in our work spaces, community groups and home. 

Who are we?
Treaty Action Collective Pōneke is a volunteer group that runs pay-what-you-can community workshops to explore the history and the modern importance of Te Tiriti O Waitangi. The workshops are a step to support Pākehā and Tauiwi to honour Te Tiriti, to work as allies for tino rangatiratanga, and to actively address racism. Our group contains theatre and arts peeps and we wanted to offer a space in Fringe for shared learning and conversation.

Workshop Whakapapa

This workshop is based on content from the treaty education programme developed by Tangata Tiriti: Treaty People. We have been mentored in this work by a range of treaty workers including Dr Ingrid Huygens, Jen Margaret and Suzanne Menzies-Culling.

Feel free to email treaty.action.collective@gmail.com with any questions.

 Suggested Koha - $20 full, $10 concession

Workshop Lucky Dip Live Parts No Restrictions Accessible

InsideOut, Level 3 Anvil House
138 Wakefield Street

Show Schedule

  1. Duration 450 minutes


    InsideOut, Level 3 Anvil House, 138 Wakefield Street, Wellington

    Wheelchair access available

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