The Mournmoor Murders

The Mournmoor Murders

The Mournmoor Arts Council

Please Note: NZ Fringe tickets are no longer available for this show. To purchase tickets online go to BATS Theatre or call (04) 802 4175

A murder has taken place in the sleepy town of Mournmoor so the South Canterbury police have come to investigate which of Mournmoor’s colourful characters is the culprit.

Set in the fictional town of Mournmoor, a small idyllic town in South Canterbury (which may or may not be based entirely on Geraldine where Alice’s Dad lives), suspects include: farmers who love rugby, Digby from the high school pipe band, Aroha the yoga teacher who only takes two classes a week (how does she pay her bills!?), Jayne and Leisa co-artistic-directors and programme managers of the Mournmoor Arts Council who are preparing for their starring roles in the upcoming repertory production of Chicago (starring themselves of course), the quiet hermit who makes guns for international buyers, the Mayor and TAB owner Gerry, the community choir and their rivals the Ukulele Club who are preparing for UKEFEST, and obviously all the children.

The NZ Fringe season of The Mournmoor Murders is a development season of a new New Zealand comedy devised by The Mournmoor Arts Council with help from Alice May Connolly and Maria Williams. 


NZ Fringe tickets are no longer available for this show, to get tickets visit BATS Theatre


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