Nobody hears the axe fall

Nobody hears the axe fall

ChoreoCo by Footnote New Zealand Dance

Created especially for Fringe, ChoreoCo by Footnote is a short-term company of remarkable dance artists. In 2019, the energy of a brand-new ChoreoCo combines with long-time collaborators Julia Harvie and Stuart Lloyd-Harris to create Nobody hears the axe fall.

An unruly collection of imagery escapes from Nobody hears the axe fall. Through pattern and rhythm, this fresh new work chews on the complexities of life and spits out a live soundscape for all the senses. Performed by this year’s outstanding ChoreoCo dancers, Nobody hears the axe fall is a striking collision of movement and sound.

“The cast show no mercy. They are all equally mesmerising in their performance.” Donna Banicevich-Gera on ChoreoCo 2018

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