Lost Property

Lost Property

table torque

Please Note: NZ Fringe tickets are no longer available for this show. To purchase tickets online go to BATS Theatre or call (04) 802 4175

New Zealand Fringe 2019 will premier Lost Property as table torque’s first creation… Dance theatre for Wellington, made in Wellington, by passionate and encouraging local artists. table torque hopes to actively contribute to this dynamic and rich artform.

Lost Property explores how our world shapes us, investigating capability and necessity...

Tiptoeing around even when there’s nothing to tiptoe around.
I see quite tall... are they tall?
They pretend it’s raining.

Shaking hands.
I see a child, I see a recluse.

It seems fitting, sitting.
A soft shell, a snack, something to read.

The penny will drop eventually.

Created and performed by Laura Beanland-Stephens, Gabriella Mersi and Anna Perrudin 


NZ Fringe tickets are no longer available for this show, to get tickets visit BATS Theatre

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