That's What Friends Are For

That's What Friends Are For

Hobson Street Theatre Company

Please Note: NZ Fringe tickets are no longer available for this show. To purchase tickets online go to BATS Theatre or call (04) 802 4175

Making friends isn't easy. In this experiment, last year’s winners of “Best Directed Chaos” are going to see if they can make friends with people in the audience in just one hour.* A show about how we make friends, and what it means to be one. 

Remember when the test of a friend was swapping a sandwich for one of yours? When you're all grown up, making friends isn't as easy as that. Making friends with someone you think you might not have much in common with is even harder. The Hobson Street Theatre Company, in association with the Auckland City Mission, are back again with a challenging piece of theatre for their Wellington mates because that's what friends are for. 

Cementing a friendship takes longer than an hour, but let's see what is possible.

*You can totally just observe from the sidelines too.

Photo Credit - Jonathan Lyon, We Make Happy


NZ Fringe tickets are no longer available for this show, to get tickets visit BATS Theatre

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