The Well-Rehearsed and Not At All Slapdash Story of Pete Bennett

The Well-Rehearsed and Not At All Slapdash Story of Pete Bennett

Slapdash Theatre

Pete Bennett. We all know a Pete Bennett. Brown Satchel, Black Skinny jeans, White-Collared Shirt, Black Waistcoat. Maybe he’s wearing his father’s tweed coat? And maybe his facial expression is somewhat pretentious - perhaps because he missed out on getting into the Institute of Modern Letters at Victoria University of Wellington? Will that stop him from writing stories with very generic plot points?

Probably not.

Do we really know Pete Bennett?

In ‘THE WELL-REHEARSED AND NOT AT ALL SLAPDASH STORY OF PETE BENNETT’, bear with us as we follow Pete as he stains many pages with unfinished and never-to-be-published stories. Follow his underdeveloped characters as they become sentient and wreck havoc upon Pete’s ordinary existence. There will be heroes (or just the one), there will be villains (potentially also just one) and there’s gonna be a squire and a dragon (maybe). Pete is still deciding. Join us, as Pete’s imagination starts to decide things for him.

Explore the steady descent into insanity with us as we probably get a bit serious with a spotlight to the struggling journey of the artist.

As artists ourselves, we want to explore what happens when any creative person creates. What happens when our imaginations become tangible? Is it a sign of madness? Is it good? Is it bad? To what extent are these works of art real if we are invested enough in them to believe? 

Tagline: Heard of the Angel and Demon Complex? Get ready for the Hero and Villain Complex. Also may include internal conflict and adult pool floaties.

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