CANCELLED Thinking Dolphins, Talking Whales.

CANCELLED Thinking Dolphins, Talking Whales.

Acts of Kindness

Frank Robson. Have you heard of him? Now you have! Can you help him find Brenda the bottlenose? Some deep-sea creatures have taken her! Come on an adventure to get her back! This interactive children’s show allows you to be a part of the story by creating Frank's deep-sea friends...and enemys. Solve the mystery of Brenda's disappearance together. 

Thinking Dolphins, Talking Whales is an innovative, educational and fun children’s show. Come and create a world with the help of puppetry and theatre. Build creatures beyond imagination, using recycled materials. Discover how they talk, move, dance, play and fight! Come on an adventure with us!  

Theatre Puppetry Family Bits for the Whole Whanau Free No Restrictions

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