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An Almighty Yes

emma lange a dang

*Tickets available for purchase at BATS Theatre*


An Almighty Yes is a bountiful solo comedy theatre show that draws on Emma Lange’s own account of a grubby brain tumour diagnosed in 2016 that derailed her life completely. A large part of her brain was removed followed by unforeseen magic.

Emma’s incurable humour saved her and this show reflects that.

She performs a roll call of persona from the holy rolling pentecostal Deaconess Fanny Bribery who casts out Beelzebub while in her comfy brogues and cast iron gusset to a dancing ham hock and a wildly rip-roaring musical finale when Emma takes flight to heaven.

'An Almighty Yes' is a cloudburst of fresh air, comedy and enlightenment.

Come and be brilliantly thunderstruck. 

An Almighty Yes presents a very special performance on Wednesday 28 February honouring Wellingtonians coping with tough times. Join us for a show acknowledging and celebrating people living with cancer and other serious or rare diseases, their families, carers, and the health professionals who support them. It is a show that demonstrates the power of the mind to maintain optimism and positivity in the face of the worst kind of news. And it is immensely joyful.

This special performance supports Rare Disorders NZ

Use discount code YES10 for $10 tickets for the 28 February show.

If this show is sold out, please go to to check if there is any further availability.


Comedy Theatre


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