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Antarctic Endeavours

Ruckus Theatre

For most people, the idea of venturing to the South Pole seems frightening, demanding, and yes, coḽ̸̩̓d̶̩̯͋. But for Tom and Suzanne Denborough, ̴͖̈́̿ newlyweds, who were married in 1949, it offers something more. Join us as we explore the depths of the coldest place on earth, where our fears of loneliness, lukewarm tea, and̷͖̀̽ ̸̱̓̂m̸͓̑̈arriage come to the surface of the ice.

Antarctic Endeavours is a 75 minute absurdist play co-written by Ava O’Brien and Alex Quinn, and directed by Peggie Barnes. The play cros̵s̷e̵s̴ ̵b̷oundaries of time and reality, and explores the inner minds of those who cannot hide from the aud̷̡̛̈ience.

Content forecast: 16+, Medium Coarse Language, Depictions of Violence, Use of Replica Weapons, Death, Simulated Blood, Aggressive Behaviour

Devised Theatre


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