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BiMillennial Woman

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Marriage and progeny. Mortgage and promotion. Wife, Mother, Girl Boss. These were the hallmarks of capital-S Success all millennial women had siphoned into their psyche: a series of badges, identity labels and tick boxes that most of us could only hope to attain. In a post-second-wave feminism world, we’re promised we can “Have It All” but what if what you want is actually… none of it? And without checking off the boxes, how do you know when you’ve really grown up?

Combining musical musings and comedic storytelling, a zingy ukulele, and some rather unconventional Girl Scout badges, Aimée Borlase recounts thirty years of life lessons and hurdles. Along the way she learns to embrace new identities and finds that maybe she has ticked some of the conventional boxes off after all, just in her own unconventional way.

Content forecast: Mild Coarse Language, Mental Illness

Music LGBTQIA+ Comedy


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