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Born Again: 7 Rules for Spiritual Freedom *CANCELLED*

Spit-Take Theatre Co.

Due to unforeseen circumstances, health and Jayden's girlfriend Nadja having her work visa revoked, we have sadly decided to cancel the NZ Fringe season of our show. To everyone who purchased a ticket or supported us in anyway, we are extremely grateful for you all. Don't give up on us just yet, and keep your eyes open for something later this year. Stay rad. Stay safe." -Dylan and Zoe.


My children, you are invited ... no, the universe has REQUESTED your presence at this life-changing spiritual event which will give you the keys to unlock the door which opens into a house which has a kitchen and in that kitchen is a fridge containing a vege crisper WITH YOUR DESTINY.
Four years after leaving New Zealand for a whirlwind OE, former man-child and cringe Christian youth pastor, Jayden McIntyre is BACK with a world of stories and lessons from his pilgrimage.
Armed with a new look, mindset and a mysterious European girlfriend known only as ‘Nadja', Jayden is here to change your life.
With partial amnesia and a bucket load of enthusiasm, join Jayden in unravelling a mystery from his past and help him to rediscover his identity.

It’s totally not a cult thing?

This is a satirical sequel to 2020 Fringe Fest Hit RadiCool Youth. This new show shines a light on the journeys of young adulthood, finding your people and discovering who you’re meant to be.

Comedy Devised Theatre


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