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False Idol

Andy Manning

What if God isn’t gay enough for you? Andy Manning had a conversation with God at a Christian music festival when they were 14 and thought they’d found something to believe in. They were wrong. But after they came out as queer and nonbinary, they discovered that God really was inside them all along. Now they worship a new god: their own divine self.

In False Idol, award-winning multi-instrumentalist Andy preaches a rousing musical sermon at the altar of gender euphoria, queerness, and shameless self love. With songs like ‘God is Jerking Off Too’ and ‘No One’s Gonna Hate You As Much As You Hate Yourself,’ it’s just like going to church, only funner and sexier. Learn to love the sin AND the sinner, savour the forbidden fruit, and BE YOUR OWN GOD.

Content forecast: Transphobic Language

Cabaret Comedy Music Theatre No Restrictions


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