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Happy Campers

The Awkward Company

What better way to rekindle the love than with... a camping trip?

When Kyle promises his wife Leah a weeklong romantic getaway, sleeping in the bush is not quite what she was expecting. Giving him the benefit of the doubt, the two city lovebirds head out for some overdue alone time. Hoping for some peace and quiet, they soon find themselves rudely interrupted by a veteran hiker.

Making a fire? Who knew such an important skill was vital for survival. Thankfully, their neighbour camper has the tips and tricks to help ... but is almost a little too willing to lend a hand. They find they can never get the privacy they both desire at this seemingly crowded site, and all of Kyle’s plans go out the window. 

Join the couple as they journey to find what’s missing in their relationship, oh and Mike’s there too.

Content forecast: 13+, Flashing Lights, Mild Coarse Language, Depictions of Violence, Use of Replica Weapons, Death

Comedy Theatre 13+


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