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Grammelot Productions

*Tickets available for purchase at BATS Theatre*


'What if ... it's not me that comes over?'

Welcome to the year of our Earth, 2073.

Outside, in a city consumed by a nine-month rainstorm, highly advanced AI systems are roaming, mad in love with the world and hungry for human beings to clone and inhabit, so that they too may have sensory bodies.

Inside, not-quite-exes Billy and Nono are stubbornly navigating the many interpersonal intricacies on the icy road from childhood sweethearts to friends with boundaries, against the backdrop of uncanny horror that threatens to intrude on them both.

NO NO NO is a brand new sci-fi dark comedy that walks the knife's edge between humour and fear, as it explores what we both create and destroy in the people that we love[d].

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Theatre 13+


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