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Matt Bentley

Escape from the modern world and indulge in a soundbath of ambient and relaxing electronic music for as long as you want. With over 3 hours of curated chilled-out melodic electronica tunes from various artists, and trippy visuals timed to the music, wander in at any time.

Downbeat, ambient, IDM and melodic electronica will be featured. The friday night sets will have some different music and a higher percentage of upbeat visual content compared to the saturday night sets, so if you enjoyed it on one night, feel free to come back for more later.

Te Auaha's bar will be open, and you can take breaks whenever you wish.

Family-friendly and donation-entry.


Please note: This show occasionally contains high-contrast colours and fast imagery, so is unsuitable for people with photosensitive epilepsy.

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Music Visual art


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