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small acts of queerness


A reminder of goodness, an invitation of joy!
Join Gabby each night as they conquer the demons of fear, judgement & shame by doing small acts that will bring him euphoria, liiike: SHAVING HIS HEAD! It’s a new show and joyous action every night ~*pass it on*~!

Gabby's to-joy-list:

-shaving his head

-releasing a book of poetry/prose

-getting a very queer tattoo live on stage 

-trying drag for the first time

-making lots of cool queer/ally friends 

Throughout the week, we'll make a growing art exhibition featuring the small acts! then, on the final night, we'll all gather together for a wee final night celebration including: kai, music, crafting, and anything and everything else that will bring you joy. Can't wait to have your beautiful faces there!

Content forecast: 16+, Medium Coarse Language, Heavy Nudity, Sexual Assult, Sexual Abuse, Misogyny

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LGBTQIA+ Live Art Spoken Word/Storytelling Poetry Visual Arts


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