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The Rocking Rainbows

The Rocking Rainbows

"The Rocking Rainbows" is a genre-bending band that defies limitations and celebrates inclusivity through their captivating music. From rock to reggae to pop, each member, with their unique abilities and unwavering passion, breaks barriers to create an extraordinary musical journey. Brace yourself for an experience that will touch your heart and leave you in awe of their genuine talent and passion.

"The Rocking Rainbows" emerged three years ago at Evaro, a service for adults with disabilities situated on Cuba Street. With a deep connection to their local community, the band has gained extensive experience performing at Evaro, captivating and entertaining their supportive audience.

Their talent and growing reputation led them to expand their performances to various venues, including a memorable show at a school and a vibrant performance at Thistle Hall. In a significant milestone, "The Rocking Rainbows" made their debut to the public at The NZ Fringe Festival in 2023, marking a remarkable achievement for the band.


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